Delta Duck Club Book

8 1/2 x 11" 532 pages. History of the Delta Duck Club in Plaquemines Parish

This book is about the history of Duck Hunting in Plaquemines Parish Louisiana, it’s a book of conservation efforts before conservation was a mandate.

In 1909 a group of wealthy businessmen purchased 40 thousand acres of land at the mouth of the Mississippi River. They built a club house which cost over $50000, in today’s value that is over $1000000. The members came from all over the United States and they invited guest from all over the world to come hunt at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Along with the businessmen being some of the most powerful and influential group in the nation, the guest ranged from top athletes, senators, and governors, Dukes, Explorers and WWII Generals.

The Club brought an economic boost to the Plaquemines Parish community. It gave economic advantages to the entire Parish, from washing clothes, boarding, food and packaging.

This book brings to reality and hard print all of the tales and legends that have been passed down through history by the families impacted by this club.

This book is a labor of love, I actually lose money on each sale but I felt it was a need to analyze these deteriorating documents and resurrect the important history of the Delta Duck Club and Louisiana History since they were such an important influence in the Louisiana Conservation movement.

This book is being sold at cost. It is a not for profit and only to carry on the legacy of Plaquemines Parish history and the Delta Duck Club. As a self publisher with a full time job, it took 4 years to complete this reference book. All cost are associated to Printing, University costs, Research companies, Editors, and Image materials. The cost of each book will be $115 + $10 shipping. Thank you for your support and interest in Louisiana History. 

Delta Duck Club Book