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1st Edition Delta Duck Club - SOLD OUT

2nd Edition Delta Duck Club - Coming Soon.. (3rd Qtr.2020) Just a couple extra pages to talk about the history and the reinvention of the Delta Duck Club.

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534 pages of information compiled about the most renowned duck hunting club in the United States from 1909-1935. This book is the legacy of a group of visionaries who saw the need to provide rules and regulations on duck hunting when there were no limits of any kind. Essentially, it is a fascinating story of the origin of game management as we have come to know it. The Delta Duck Club was composed primarily of wealthy businessmen from all over the United States who came to Plaquemines Parish, LA during the winter for the best duck hunting at the turn of the 20th century. The book consists of the transcriptions of their club manual, the General Ledger and numerous newspaper articles which not only showed the famous people who visited this duck hunting paradise, but it provides a large window into the past about the problems they incurred and how their altruistic efforts were not always received in good favor by some. In all, we have these men to thank for their self-management in leading the way to help sustain nature's abundance of wildfowl.