Joe Aguzin 1976-Present •LA Carver – Contemporary Great Grandfather was Michael “Tex” Aguzin. A famous market hunter and decoy carver during the early 20th century.
Michael “Tex” Aguzin 1886-1955 Newspaper Carrier for Times Picayune ca.1930 •LA Carver – Vintage Original Decoy Carver for Camp Decoyless.
Ed Alba (1923-1990) Engineer •LA Collector President of the LWCCG
Victor Alfonso (1899-1982) Trapper, U.S. Engineer •LA Carver – Vintage Carved from 1912-1960
Jerry Alfonso 1933-2019 •LA Carver – Contemporary Not Victor Alphonso
Martin Alfonso 1910-Unknown Trapper •LA Carver – Vintage Islanos Family
Oliver Ancar (1860-1923) Fisherman, Hunter •LA Carver – Vintage Happy Jack, Plaquemines Parish
Adam Ansardi (1885-1953) Trapper, Landowner •LA Carver – Vintage Davant
Adam Ansardi 1885-1953 Landowner •LA Carver – Vintage Lived on Ansardi’s Property
Ira Bordelon 1925-1995 Central LA Carver – Contemporary Made copies of old decoys
Carl Bulot (1953-Present •LA Carver – Contemporary Grandfather from Plaquemines Parish
Louis Bulot 1930-Unknown Delgado Trade School Instructor •LA Carver – Contemporary Related to Carl Bulot
Ricky Buras (1949-Present) •LA Carver – Contemporary Buras from Plaquemines
Willis Bushnell 1899-Unknown Night Watchman PetroChemical Plant •LA Carver – Contemporary Great Southwest Louisiana Carver
Joseph “Papa Joe” Encalade (1890-1964) Farmer, Fisherman •LA Carver – Vintage
Jamie Hutchinson 1976-Present Doctor Southeast LA Carver – Contemporary
Cal Kingsmill (1955-Present) Tow Truck Business •LA Carver – Contemporary Cal is the most famous Contemporary Working Decoy carver in Louisiana circa 2000